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Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit.  2002 non-fading black stallion standing 15.1 hh.

Merit is by Cherry Creek Canadian’s senior stallion, South Forty Prince Fonzie, who has a reputation throughout Canada and the US for siring offspring with good solid minds, and kind, amendable, willing natures.

Merit, too exemplifies these characteristics.  He is a gorgeous, beautifully conformed, athletic, nice moving stallion with wonderful, kind, solid temperament that he consistently passes on to his offspring. He is obliging, uncomplicated, and very willing.  This is exemplified by the fact that his very amateur owner has trained him herself, and has been able to haul, stable, handle, and show him all on her own, at multiple dressage shows throughout BC.

He such has such a great work ethic that we are quite certain he would go into the barn and get “dressed” himself as he is always so eager to do whatever is asked of him! He also has a great sense of humor as demonstrated by the photo of his wearing his feed bucket on his head.

Not just a “pretty face”, Merit is also a very sensible, brave, bold, totally unflappable and non-spooky mount on the trails as well.

Merit has been extensively shown in both breed shows where has won many awards, including Champion Stallion multiple times. He has also won many of his dressage divisions at in multiple open dressage shows throughout the BC interior.

In 2016, the Breyer Horse model company released their model of the Canadian Horse, which we are honored to say, was modeled after Merit.

Stud fee $1000 CAD with early breeding discount if booked prior to April 1. Both fresh and frozen shipped semen available.  For Breeding information, click here:

This Video is a dressage Freestyle that Merit did in 2015. It exemplifies what a steady, obedient, willing horse that he is. And he just loved doing it!

He has sired several foals, all of which demonstrate beautiful movement and whom are also being shown in dressage as well.

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Merit's daughter

Filly by Merit

Cherry Creek Canadians West Kamloops, BC
Phone: 250-828-2076
Website: Cherry Creek Canadians
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