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Dam:   Ronlieu Yugo Crescendo # 14260 (registered Canadian)

Sire:  Maximum 60 (registered APHCC stallion)

Registered Canadian X registered Appaloosa filly born Sept 3, 2019 and will be available once weaned.   ‘Daycee’ is expected to reach 15.2 and finish bay roan (LP pattern).   She also has striped hoofs and white sclera associated with the LP gene.  Beautifully put together filly.  Both parents have incredible docile temperaments and great brains.  Both parents are on-site.  Filly will have all necessary vet and hoof care prior to going to her new home.  She is handled daily and will be trained to lead, tie, pick up feet, and trailer.

Located in London, Ontario.  This girl will turn heads with her unique colouring and rare breeding (Appaladian if you will) and train easily with her smart, friendly, and brave personality.  Asking $2200 CAD.  For more information on this nice little filly, please call Shelley at 905-531-7793 or email



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