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Sire:  Lambert Lambert Taj-Mahal [CAN]12027

Dam: Sarrabelle Nadja Urani [CAN]13226)

Date of Birth: April 28, 2013

Height: 15.3hh

Palomino (ee, aa ,nCr) – Tested through Animal Genetics

Amaro is an amazing specimen that brings everything you could possibly want to the table!  Temperament, Conformation, Type, Movement, Bloodlines, Competition Record,  Rare Breed, and to top it off, a very unique and rare color!  A true gem.


Amaro has the best temperament and has the most willing nature of any stallion, or even horse in general, that I have ever has the pleasure of working with – Even within the breed itself.  He is very kind, calm, gentle, bold, and extremely intelligent.  He loves to learn and do anything involved with being with his people.  He adores kids as well; even our 3-year old son rides and loves on him.  As the breed description puts it, “The animal must be of docile temperament, but full of vigour and spirit without being nervous.”  I would rate him a 4 on the scale; the perfect combination of calm, yet athletic.  His friendliness doesn’t end with people.  He loves being with other horses and is a great “uncle” to our foals when they are weaned and loves spending time with our gelding too.  He’s a great leader to young and green horses aw well.  We even use him to pony other horses.

Conformation and Type:

Amaro follows breed type not only with his temperament, but also his build.  He has great angles and lines that are also well balanced.

Impressive bone (10” canon circumference) and muscle mass, yet he is still attractive, elegant, and powerful looking.  He has a refined and attractive face with big amber eyes that look right into your heart and soul.  Feet are large (wide as they are long) and very hard.


Amaro is poetry in motion and a dream to ride.  He has a very correct, expressive, uphill, ground covering stride.  And talk about POWER. The potential this horse has is endless. He has a very natural ability to collect and lift, as well as extend to a larger stride. I really look forward to continuing to develop him and seeing where we can go.  So far, he has shown us he is a very quick.  He is the type of horse that lets you know, “Only need to show me once” learner and willing to do anything you ask.  He is curious and loves to please.  He’s shown great talent not only with his flat work, but also with field work and is a joy on the trail as well.

Competition Record:

From his first show on Amaro has consistently placed in the top placings with under a year of being under saddle!  One of the more notable achievements to date is taking 3rd place at the WE United 2018 Cross National Cup in the Novice A level.  It was the biggest WE show to be held to date, the biggest class to be held to date, and only his 4th show!  Not only did he compete in novice A but he also took his AA rider through the intro class and also placed in the top 10 with her as well!

List of Accomplishments:

**2018 WE United Canadian Horse High Point

**2018  Year end WE United 3rd Place award for Horse/Rider pair with Kristina Eckert,  Novice A division, National standings

**2018 Year end WE United 3rd place Horse award, Novice A division, National Standings

**2018 Year end WE United 2nd place Horse award, Novice A division, Regional standings

**2018 Year end WE United 9th place Horse/Rider pair with Dawn Rhoads, Intro Division, Regional standings

**Qualified for the 2019 WE United National Championships in levels 1-3, and we are working on getting qualified in at least level 4 as well!

In addition to the working equitation and dressage, Amaro is a fabulous trail mount, cow horse, and even a lesson horse.  We have also begun introducing him to some jumping and eventing, which, again, he has taken to it like a pro.  We plan to keep introducing him to new disciplines as time goes on to show how truly versatile this amazing breed is and how far they can go!  Driving, mounted shooting, more cattle work (roping), and whatever else we can find is on our to-do list!


His breeding includes my personal favorite lines, both the mares and the stallions, as well as being very old blood.  Some key names in his breeding are: Arnoldwold Viger (foundation stallion) La Gorgendiere Miquette (foundation mare), La Gorgendiere Alto Fox (foundation stallion). Lou, Bienvenue Lou Heros (Great grandsire, sire line). Jonathan Coco Pharraud (dam-side and sire-side lines) – the only stallion line to produce cream carrying offspring.  The Viger and Fox bred horses are known for being a little more athletic and elegant and less heavily built, while still maintaining breed type.  My reason in choosing this breeding in particular is I hoped to provide a stallion that would be a match that would complement any mare who offers great bone and muscle, but not too thick and most importantly, balanced, so one can either add bone or maybe refine a touch.


Amaro is THE ONLY palomino Canadian Horse stallion with the deep, rich gold color that he has.  There are only about 15 palominos total worldwide!  He also has dapples galore year round.  His color panel is ee, aa, nCr, dd, and nn for Silver, Champagne, and Pearl.  Link for coat color Calculator:

2019 stud fee information:

AI & Live Cover options $1000 USD if US resident CAD if Canadian resident.  $200 booking fee.  Recent culture and breeding soundness exam required for live cover.  Shipping, Collection and associated fees not included.  Multiple mare discount.  Returning customer discount.  Inquiries and more information found at



Reindance Riding & Equestrian Services




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