Tel: 204-328-7520 Email:  info@pendenniscanadians.com

B-SUPERLITE WAGONETTE COMBINED DRIVING CARRIAGE – Dark hunter green; Dressage & Marathon Packages including patent dash, adjustable dressage & marathon shafts, fenders for marathon, two grooms seats & drivers seats (2). Always kept covered and in the barn. $4,900 CAD.

TWO-WHEELED SOLID OAK CART – Hand crafted in Bismarck, ND. We used this cart regularly several years ago on the road and also “cross country” in the fields but not in the past few years. Always kept in shed/barn. Front is extra long for more space. Comes with two coal oil lanterns. $1,800 CAD.

DOCTOR’S BUGGY – Restored (by others) but not used by us; kept shedded and out of the sun and elements; $1,000 CAD.

ANTIQUE MASSEY & HARRIS WAGON:  Restored; constructed out of solid wood; always kept out of the elements and in great shape; $1,500 CAD.

SLEIGH – Top is a separate piece; runners are oak and come apart for easy storage; always kept out of the elements; seats 6 (including the driver); easy pulling as they have Teflon sliders; $1,200 CAD.

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