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B-SUPERLITE WAGONETTE COMBINED DRIVING CARRIAGE – Dark hunter green; Dressage & Marathon Packages including patent dash, adjustable dressage & marathon shafts, fenders for marathon, two grooms seats & drivers seats (2). Always kept covered and in the barn. $4,900 CAD.

TWO-WHEELED SOLID OAK CART – Hand crafted in Bismarck, ND. We used this cart regularly several years ago on the road and also “cross country” in the fields but not in the past few years. Always kept in shed/barn. Front is extra long for more space. Comes with two coal oil lanterns. $1,800 CAD.

DOCTOR’S BUGGY – Restored (by others) but not used by us; kept shedded and out of the sun and elements; $1,000 CAD.

ANTIQUE MASSEY & HARRIS WAGON:  Restored; constructed out of solid wood; always kept out of the elements and in great shape; $1,500 CAD.

SLEIGH – Top is a separate piece; runners are oak and come apart for easy storage; always kept out of the elements; seats 6 (including the driver); easy pulling as they have Teflon sliders; $1,200 CAD.

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Beauregard Bienvenue Heidi – 20 years old, 14.2hh; can be ridden or driven (double and single; she took to combined driving like a natural!); was only ridden in the first few years after we acquired the team but not ridden for many years; has had 5 wonderful foals exhibiting her calm, tractable temperament that are easily trained; while pregnant, we had inquiries about buying fillies before they were born! Her first offspring (out of Bienvenue Lou Heros) is well-established and renowned herd sire for Cache Canadians in Alberta; regular farrier and worming schedules but have not been vaccinated in the past 3 years.  Both Jessy and Heidi have given solid-colored foals.

Beauregard Bienvenue Jessy – 19 years old, 14.2hh; similar history to Heidi; was ridden in the first years after purchasing them but since then has been used only in harness teamed with Heidi; has had 5 lovely foals; regular farrier and worming schedules but have not been vaccinated in the past 3 years.

These are an extremely well-matched team that were green broke when we acquired them as young horses; they are quiet and easy to handle – as we were inexperienced teamsters but they never acted up or broke form; they have been used in different situations such as parades, hay rides, displays at Rare Breeds Canada booths, countless sleigh rides for ourselves and friends, wagon rides in rough terrain, including transporting a wedding party; however they actually do not have a lot of hours total on them yet even after long periods of not being used they go without any problem when you do hitch them; they have encountered surprises (wildlife jumping out in front, snowmobiles suddenly appearing or roaring by nearby) and the worst reaction was breaking into a slow run but were quickly brought under control again; they are natural and careful when going down steep slopes, picking their way carefully with their rumps low to the ground; they have always been driven in nothing more than a simple snaffle bit and are very sensitive and responsive to slight pressure on the lines, you can literally direct them with one finger. They are overweight so their collars no longer fit them (they take a 22” collar when in shape). They are great, natural mothers always having easy foaling. $7900 CAD for the pair; will not sell separately. We want them to go to a good family that will use them regularly.  If interested in the driving harness as well, we would ask $8800 CAD with both mares (their harness is shown in photos.)  It is preferred the harness be sold with the team of Heidi and Jessy however we will offer the harness separately.

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COLT: Pendennis Faquyr Envy (dam: Beauregard Bienvenue Heidi); born May 2, 2017, registration pending; solid black; likely to mature to14.3hh; out of our best producer and exhibiting her same quiet, easy-going and willing temperament; halter-trained. Great stud prospect. $3,000 CAD.


COLT: Pendennis Faquyr Ego (dam: Bauge Tony Heidi), born May 19, 2017, registration pending. Likely to mature to 15.1hh or taller, very athletic and spirited.  He is more insecure than the other two but curious about new things.  Beautiful conformation and movement and a unique dappled brown in colour.  Still a bit touchy around his feet but improving steadily. Leads quite well.  $3,000 CAD.



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