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Purebred/Registered Canadian Horse/Cheval Canadienne

DOB: May 2009

Height: 16 hh

Color-Markings:  Black with small crescent shaped star, slight frosting on nose

This mare has had a great foundation and start under saddle by Mira Warrington of Soul Ridge Canadian Horses and has since been sent to Kristina Eckert of Reindance Riding & Equestrian Services for finishing and showing.  Wow has correct, expressive, but comfortable movement. Fabulous for Dressage and has the ability to get to upper level.  Very good conformation and open shoulder and hip. Clean throat latch. Beautiful baroque looks. Great mind, willing, bold, and trusting even if concerned about something. Would be suitable to go any route. I believe she would excel in dressage (Western or English), or mountain trail, or Working Equitation. Prospect for jumping/eventing and ranch work.

Schooled the Extreme Mountain Trail at the Oregon Horse center and she LOVED IT. She was very confident and curious and careful. Competed in Dec 2017, B-rated WE United Working Equitation competition, Novice A, over all placing 4th out of 7 competitors. (against all solidly trained/finished horses) She will be competing again in late January. videos will be available.

Solid in the basics, but still green. Currently working on developing better balance, light self carriage, and fine tuning transitions and gaits. She has a naturally rhythmic tempo. Knows correct leads.  Knows lateral work, side pass, forehand turns, and haunch turns.  Despite being green, her loving and easy going temperament would make her suitable for amateur rider with guidance, or confident beginner. Temperament score of 3-4, calm and trustworthy, but not dull or dead sided. More of a whoa horse than a go horse, but happy to go with no resistance if asked of her.

UTD on 5-way, West Nile, Potomac Horse Fever Vaccines. Coggins done Late Sept 2017. Teeth Done Nov 2017. Wolf teeth removed. Routine Hoof care. Barefoot. Good with other horses or alone. Not mare-ish at all even around stallions – in fact, she turns into an even bigger love bug when in season. Has a very discrete heat. Maiden mare. Breeding package available to rare palomino Canadian stallion, Metistar Taj-Mahal Amaro.

Mountain Trail:

Grooming,Tacking & Flatwork:

Located in Lebanon, Oregon USA (Great shipping references available).  Inquiries: Kristina Eckert at  More info found at

Our FB page: Reindance Riding & Equestrian Services


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