Queenie is on the left


Date of Birth: May 28, 1992

Height: 15.2 hh

This mare is looking for a new home as a “free-lease”.  “Queenie” is trained under saddle with some basic dressage.  She drives single and double and has experience pulling both sleighs and wagons. She has been an ambassador for the breed at an IPM and was a part of the team with her full brother in the Holstein All Horse Christmas Parade the year the Canadien was named our national breed. Queen has spent most of her 25 years with us on trail rides and sleigh rides in our sugar bush.  She is a model of the steady, confident, sensible Canadian horse temperament. Queenie has shared the paddock/fields with other horses, always deferring to those who prefer to be dominant.

We are looking for a retirement home for Queenie and feel that she would make an excellent companion horse for a youngster, gelding or another mare.  We purchased Queen as a 3-year old from Bob Trombley.  She has shared the paddock/fields with a variety of other horses over the years, always deferring to those who prefer to be dominant.  She is happy out on grass but also loves her hay.  Queen delivered two filly foals with ease; one form Bayard, the other by Duc.  Other than the occasional colic in mid-summer in times of extreme heat, she has had no health issues whatsoever.  Queen is still keen to join others for a trail ride, but doesn’t fret when left at home alone, with food.  For more information on free-leasing our mare, please email Peter and Daryl Neve at  She is located near Cargill, Bruce county, Ontario.  We will also be selling the wagon, collars, and harness (asking $2800).



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