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Height: 14.2hh

Wasco is for sale because he doesn’t fit with my group of horses in the way I hoped he would. He is living happily with a miniature horse right now. I can only have this as a short-term solution because this interferes with my herds. The mini’s best friend is in the other herd and although they’re fine apart I don’t want them separated long term. I know that he can live happily out with a gelding and I feel strongly that he would be happy living with a few Canadian mares. If I was at a place to be able to get a couple mares for him and keep him – I would.

Wasco carries the Cream Gene (he has had 4 foals to date: 2 Palomino, 2 Black).

Wasco is a pleasure to handle and work with. He is respectful to lead, I have to walk him past the herd of mares to bring him up to the arena. He is good for the farrier and vet. He had his teeth floated in January and is up to date on worming and trimming. Due to my busy schedule I have not had the chance to get on him yet. We have gone on walks in the forest and he is brave and forward. He had a nice start as a 5-year-old and seems like he would easily take to ridden work again. We will be riding him soon.  Asking $6000 CAD.

Marina Wright
Location: Ravenna, Ontario (just outside of Collingwood)
Phone: 705-441-0711



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